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LAGORI @ Soul Sante

Bangalore-based band combines Indian classical melodies and inflections with Rock music

Manasa – Portraiture and Life Style Shoot

Officially up !! :) 28-February-2013

Moment of happiness.
Officially Launching my website today.

Its been an awesome experience for me to meet all you Beautiful people who were kind enough to let me photograph some very special moments of your lives. I decided to take it another step forward from my Facebook Page, to spread and share this love and experience.

When I started I had always wanted to photograph wild life and birds and buildings and tanks and what not. But in these couple of years I have come to realize that photographing people is my ultimate high.. I love clicking picture of real people, ordinary people, every day people. I believe that every one you all are celebrities. And I love to bring out the Celebrities in you. I love showing people how beautiful they are and the look on their face when they look at their picture is what I’m doing this for.! That moment is what makes it all worth it.

I thank every one of you who have pepped me and encouraged me all along the way.

 Chandrika Kulkarni my buddy and also one of my first models and Photo Guinea Pig got me my Canon 50 mm f/1.8. It’s been one of the best Presents ever. It jump started my photo mojo. 😀

A big thanks to Prashant Annigeri for sourcing the Canon 10-22 mm at employee discounted price. 🙂

Sneha Murthy who painstakingly reviewed and critiqued my pictures was always filled with new and bright ideas and pushed me to make better pictures. A mere thank you wouldn’t suffice. 🙂

I remember how Deepthi Reddy committed on my behalf to photograph a wedding, even without asking me. My first experience. Thank you for the blind belief. 😀

My Mom and Dad have tolerated me for being holed up in my room most of the times. They always stood by me and encouraged me in what ever I did. Oh!  by the way my Mom is a colour expert and she also regularly sits with me during post processing and makes cute faces. 😀

And this site is up and running because of this man Koji Flowers from Big Cloud Media who sits somewhere in Texas. Thanks a lot Bud.!

I need you all to show me some more Love and support me further in this endeavour of mine. 🙂

Thank You..!

Justin Jaideep

P.S : Do let me know if there are any flaws or difficulties or any thing else which looks odd on the site. Looking forward for your feedback.

Bad Moon Rising

 I have always wanted to capture the moon in all its glory with a Big Fat Lens.
For the moment this is as far as I can go. 🙂
Shot at 250mm  |  f/5.6 | 1/500th of a sec | ISO 400