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For the Love of Bougainvillea



Gypsy Queen


Shivani Boruah

Tinctures – Aman Mahajan and Nishad Pandey

Soundarya Jayachandran 2017

The Bodhisattwa Trio and Tabea Luisa (PROJECT TLQ)

PROJECT TLQ (Soul/ RnB), Germany/India)
A brainchild of German singer/composer Tabea Luisa, Project TLQ is an Indo-German collaboration, comprising of Tabea’s RnB/Soul compositions and interpretations of tunes written by RnB/Soul/Blues/Funk artists, put together by the band from India.
Tabea Luisa- Vocals
Bodhisattwa Ghosh- Guitar
Bijit Bhattacharya- Bass
Premjit Dutta- Drums

The Bodhisattwa Trio is an Avant Garde Jazz Rock outfit which believes in the expression of unadulterated human feelings, in the form of sounds created from the deep dark corners of the human mind. Depicting a unique mix of Jazz, Funk, drum-n-bass, Indian classical music, Rock and Blues, the trio, with BodhisattwaGhosh on Guitars,Bijit Bhattacharya on Bass and Premjit Dutta on Drums delivers a mix of original instrumental compositions which can only be described as “Dark Jazz”,with special emphasis on harmonic and rhythmic expansion, expressionism, theme and variation, virtuosity and spontaneous improvisation.
Bodhisattwa Ghosh- Guitars
Bijit Bhattacharya- Bass
Premjit Dutta- Drums

Shot for What’s The Scene? at The BFlat Bar

Sonam Kalra and The Sufi Gospel Project

Sonam Kalra Music : The Sufi Gospel Project & Treble makers Jazz ensemble at The BFlat Bar, Bangalore.

Shot for What’s The Scene?

An evening of music that encompasses Prayer, Poetry and Music – that transcend the barriers of religion and language. Utterances in one voice. The voice of Faith.

Sonam Kalra’s unique brainchild, ‘The Sufi Gospel Project’, has earned her international critical acclaim.

Award winning singer and composer Sonam Kalra is that rare breed of musician who has been trained in both Indian and Western traditions of music and is equally adept at both. Sonam’s voice has a beautiful, sensitive voice with an honesty that is rare and her music is an amalgamation of everything that she believes in.
Sonam has been recognised and appreciated for her all inclusive definition of Sufism and her message of Peace and Oneness has made her a popular voice at prestigious festivals and venues around London, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Pakistan,Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon, Algeria, Dubai, Tunisia, Mauritius, Egypt, South Africa and The United States of America.
She has shared the stage with legendary musicians like Sir Bob Geldof, Sufi Legend Abida Parveen and she also recently performed for Indo African Summit for The Indian Prime Minister, President of India and 52 heads of African States. Sonam has also been invited to share her work on Secularism through Music at various TED talks. Sonam Kalra and the Sufi Gospel project recently performed for Tina Brown’s Women in the World Summit and their recent performance at the International Faiz Festival for peace in Pakistan, sonam hopes, will help build bridges in the future.

Speedtrip killing their Debut Gig at Legends Of Rock

Speedtrip killing their Debut Gig at Legends Of Rock, Koramangala, Bangalore.

Vocals: Kaushik Baruah, Bass: Lohith Murthy, Guitars: Rakeeb Rocktimand Govindan, Drums: Trinayan Baruah. Also Feat. Shivani Boruah. Shot for What’s The Scene?

ASPADA Live! at B Flat

George Brooks (Saxophone), Selvaganesh Vinayakram (Percussion),Ravichandra Kulur (Flute) ,Osam Ezzeldin (Keys), Mishko M’ba (Bass).

ASPADA is a Sanskrit word for power which reflects in their performance. From contemporary Jazz to Indian classical, this ensemble performs a fusion that is truly exhilarating! Members of this ensemble have played with other world greats like Etta James, Pt. Ravi Shankar, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Kai Eckhardt, Larry Coryell, Vikku Vinayakram, U Srinivas, Shankar Mahadevan and many, many more.