February 2014

Susheela Raman Live at Windmills Craftworks

Pretty Little Things

Shot for Pretty Little Things

Follow their page for some chick accessories ! 🙂

Fearless – The StormFactory

The Story of the Clown With A Frown

Interviewed by me for Whats The Scene


Trendslaughter Fest IV 2014

Necrodeity (Kolkata, India)
Serpents Athirst (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
UgraKarma (Kathmandu, Nepal)
Orator (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
Dying Embrace (Bangalore, India)
IMPIETY (Singapore)
Here you go!
Picture from the recent Trend Slaughter Fest IV. I generally like Black and Whites for Metal gigs but I so loved the colour tones of the pictures here that I decided to retain the colours on this set !
This is my personal best Metal Album…
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