About Me


Hello, I am Justin Jaideep Xavier an Automotive Engineer working for an Automotive OEM with a Masters in Engineering and Manufacturing from Bangalore, India.

I am based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Always loved clicking pictures back in the days of Film Cameras and Clumsy 1 Megapixel Digi Cameras.

When I started.. I always wanted to photograph wild life and birds and buildings and tanks and what not, but in these recent years I have come to realize that photographing people is my ultimate high.

I love clicking picture of real people.. ordinary people.. every day people… I believe that every single person is a  Celebrity in his or her own right.! And I love to bring out that Celebrity in every person I photograph.

I love showing people how beautiful they are..


Justin’s work, especially the coverage of Indie music gigs, supporting and promoting upcoming and obscure bands have been featured in several news papers and music magazines in Bangalore, India. He has covered and shot over 100 different artists / bands, local and international. You can find all his pictures on his website: https://www.JustinJaideep.in (Filter: Music)

He was the Chief Photo Editor for Whats the Scene, India (https://www.whatsthescene.com) for several years, photographing, curating content and mentoring several budding concert photographers. Link to the photographs published at Whats The Scene: https://whatsthescene.com/author/justin-jaideep-xavier/

He was one of the official photographers for 2014, 2015 Bangalore Open Air (BOA) India’s Biggest Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Festival, Powered by Wacken covering major Heavy Metal Bands including Iced Earth, Destruction, Dark Tranquility, Rotting Christ, amongst others. He has photographed several artists at The Octoberfest fest, one of the longest running music festivals in Bangalore. He was also one of the official photographers for Bangalore’s Underground Metal fests including “Trendslaughter Festival” and “Echos from Beneath” covering several Death and Doom metal acts, local and international.

He also served as resident / content photographer for a few episodes of MTV Dewarists. His photographs of Palash Sen and Raghu Dixit can be seen on his website.

Justin currently lives in Toronto, Canada. He is mostly  shooting Portraiture, Glamour, Fashion and Boudoir. His  Fashion and Glamour work has been published in several Digital Magazines in Toronto. Follow his Instagram @justinjaideep and Behance: https://www.behance.net/JustinJaideep  to keep up with his latest work.

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