ನಮ್ಮ ಮೆಟ್ರೋ: Namma Metro turns 1

Began operations in October 2011. Public memory is short lived indeed. Celebrating its One Year Of Safe Service.
This was shot with my Samsung Galaxy S II (I9100 ) from inside my car on MG Road – Brigade Road Signal.
The eagle was more of a guest appearance. 😀
Cleaned up the image to get rid of water stains from the wind shield of my car..

Concrete | Glass | Sky

This was shot in ITPL on a lazy afternoon – post lunch at work.. Few of my colleagues and I were strolling around after our Lunch.. I looked up and the sky was so gorgeous. I got this picture on my ever so reliable and awesome Samsung Galaxy S II. I don’t need no point and shoot when I have this baby with me.! Surprised to see the amount of detail this phone managed to capture.!

Hanging by The Thread

Shot in ITPL. Using my mobile ( Samsung Galaxy S II)

Double Meter Madam :D

Found this intersting graffiti on the walls of a shop on Krishna Temple Road. The Road opposite to Toit – 100ft Road.
This was the time when the Auto fares were hiked up like crazy.
The artist hit the nail on the head dipicting the attitude of Namma Bangalore’s Auto Drivers. ’10Rs’ extra and ‘Double Meter’
Samsung Galaxy S II
*update – 27-FEb-2013: The graffiti aint there anymore 🙁

Exaltation – The Fountainhead

ITPL is an interesting place to shoot. But its not the place where you would lug your SLRs and walk around. This is when your mobile phone which is right there in your pocket comes in handy.
I was heading out for a cup of Tea and exited this building ‘Innovator’ and I saw these brave hearts working hard to keep our building sparkling clean.
I shot a couple of pictures using my Samsung Galaxy S II. This piece of technology is unbelievable.!
There was dirty water dripping down from the glass right on to me, but I think it was worth the hassle 🙂
Cropped the picture and straightened things up in Post processing..